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What do we want?
The "Correspondence Chess Friends Rochade 5171" ("Rochade" = German word for "castling") was founded with the target to participate  in team events organized by the German Correspondence Chess Federation (BdF) and the International Correspondence Chess Federation (ICCF).
What do we do?
In season 2001/03 of the German Team Championship of  Correspondence Chess we started with one team each in the 1st Federal League and the 2nd Federal League, as well as with four teams in the 1st Federal Class and with six teams in the 2nd Federal Class. Among them two youth teams are participating for the first time. We were also represented with a team in the ICCF Email Open Team Tournament that had been delivered for the first time. Our team gained the third place. The ICCF Congress 2001 in Rimini decided to continue the Email Team Tournament under the name of "Champions League" Participation is open to players of the whole world, not being restricted to national teams. Players of different countries may build a team, too. Therefore, "Rochade 5171" will become an international club immediately, open for members of all countries.
In October, 1996 we started our first Club Championship which has been replaced in the following years by the "Pyramid".
What do we expect?
We expect reliable and fair male or female correspondence chess players who have finished at least one BdF or ICCF tournament and have a safe ICCF-Elo grading of at least 2200 or a BdF-FWZ grading of at least 1850. In addition to that, we expect that the new member enlivens the club life through participating in the club tournaments (Pyramid or Cup). A membership in BdF is essential to be able to participate in our team matches. The membership fee is 12 EURO p.a., and is used just to cover our overheads (e.g. registration fees, postage). New members don’t have a right to play in a specific class (e.g. in BdF or ICCF team championships). Generally seen the successful higher league Rochade teams want to play in one team again in the following season. Therefore new members must accept the fact that they will start in lower league teams.
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